VING TSUN Kung fu is considered a scientific approach to self-defense. We study the ways to control the energy and movements of an opponent so as to redirect his strikes away from us while simultaneously attacking. The learning is methodical; the laws and principles of physics are applied to increase the efficiency of the movements. Controlling the combat situation means striving to be in the most advantageous position to strike and at the same time not get hit! This is learned through Chi Sao (sticking hands) training, which involves the study of strategic control of an opponent through hand and foot traps, and simultaneous neutralization/redirection of his energy creating space in which to attack.

The approach to learning is by degree, the concepts and techniques introduced at each new level are dependent upon those learned in the previous stages. There are four areas of study exemplified by the four forms: SIU NIM TAO (Little Idea), CHUM KIU (Searching Bridge), BIU JEE (Shooting Fingers), and MUK JONG (Wooden Dummy). During Siu Nim Tao, one learns the proper hand positioning and the basic horse stance YEE GEE KIM YUENG MA, and is eventually introduced to Chi Sao, where the use of these positions begin to be applied. Chum Kiu introduces leg movement and shifting into different stances in conjunction with the hand applications, so that defense is expanded to a range of 180 degrees. Biu Jee emphasizes the conjunction of power and focus behind movement. Muk Jong training teaches one to produce the most effective execution of fighting techniques while continuing to build power and precision. Weapons are only taught after one has mastered the empty hand stages, as weapons are an extension of the hands.

Although VING TSUN demands much theoretical knowledge and precision in hand and foot techniques, these are simply and easily applied. By eliminating complex and difficult movements we reduce the time and space needed to affect a technique, while ensuring error-less execution. The movements do not require much strength - we try to use our opponent’s energy rather than stop it. The movements are designed to accommodate the human structure and compliment its natural motion.

Fighting VING TSUN is characterized by an unyielding fierceness. When a VING TSUN practitioner makes contact with an opponent, the attacks are continuous and relentless, always simultaneously parrying and striking in order to maximize one's advantage. One Minimizes retreats! Strikes are short, compact and direct. Hands appear to move with lightning speed, one technique flowing into another. The only time one stops their aggression is when the opponent has stopped. VING TSUN fighting can be associated with touching a live wire, where upon contact, energy is released spontaneously and without constraint.

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Classes are taught by Sifu Scott Haynes and they are conducted in a small class environment, with personal attention being given to each student. A student's progress is determined by their motivation, conviction, fortitude, desire and will.

*Sifu - Scott Haynes, is a Disciple of Darrell Jordan, who is a Disciple of Grandmaster Lee Moy Shan. 

What is Ving Tsun kung fu?