Home Certification By DVD

If you live in an area that offers no Ving Tsun Kung Fu, and you would like to learn, we are now offering a Home Certification Course (HCC). In the privacy of your own home, you and a friend/s can learn this effective martial art. The course is taught in the same order and set up for you to learn just as if you were in our class. It is a very structured and detailed course allowing you to learn easily, providing that you train consistently. There is Certification and Ranking, where upon you will receive a certificate signed and sealed by Sifu Jordan. 
Once you reach the intermediate (Level 2) stage, you will be required to send a video/DVD of yourself (or upload to youtube privately) performing the forms and drills. After the third form is completed, you must obtain a Muk Yan Jong (wooden man), so that you may learn that form. If you have no resource for this training device, one can be procured through the WVTAA. There is always an opportunity to open a branch school in your location. If you are interested in this program, send us an email- info@worldvingtsun.com . Please indicate in the message that you are interested in the Home Certification Course, as well as your name and phone #. The course is available on DVD. The cost of the 1st level course on DVD has been reduced to $175 a $75 savings!! This is for a limited time so act now.(Serious inquiries only please.) For further information please contact us @ info@worldvingtsun.com



This is a certification course. You must progress from level 1-4 in that order. We will not sell the course out of sequence, it is imperative that a student progresses in this order for their benefit and understanding. The advance material will only be as good as your fundamentals. Now, for those of you that already know Ving Tsun and the forms from another family, and would like to be certified through the WVTAA, we offer DVD's of the forms just for this circumstance. Please email us for details or call. We will be more than happy to cover this information with you.



This level consists of 2 DVD's and a training manual. The course teaches the 1st form which is broken down into 3 sections. In DVD 1, the form is demonstrated by Sifu Jordan both front and side view. It is then performed by a student where Sifu Jordan covers all of the detailed fine points of the form for each movement. DVD 2 contains the exercises and 2 man drills that are conducted at the school. The drills are taught in conjunction with the sections of the 1st form. The drills become more complicated as you progress in the 1st form. Practical application from the form are also demonstrated. A minimum time spent on level 1 is 9 months. $175.00



In DVD 1, the second form Chum Kiu is taught in 3 sections and is demonstrated by Sifu Jordan both front and side view. It is then performed by a student where Sifu Jordan covers the fine points of each movement.


The form Biu Jee is taught in 3 sections and is demonstrated by Sifu Jordan both front and side view. It is then performed by a student and the detailed fine points of each movement is covered by Sifu Jordan.



Muk Yan Jong form is taught in 10 sections. In tape 1, Sifu Jordan demonstrates both from the side and from a birds eye view.


Private Instruction

Sifu Jordan will provide private instruction on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further information: private@worldvingtsun.com

Intensive Workshops

Sifu Darrell Jordan is offering a rare and unique program for certification of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Levels & 1st Degree. There are several options to choose from, regardless of which you decide on, the training will be intense with a minimum of 8 hours per day dedicated to learning and training for a 5 day a week training cycle (those who live in Western Washington may have the program spread out over a 2-3 week period). Regardless of which option you choose, you will train privately with Sifu Jordan all day in which you will learn and have refined the form/s and drills associated with the appropriate level in that workshop.

The Intensive Workshops will cover but are not limited to, form/s, application/s, drill/s, iron palm and conditioning exercises unique to only a few. You will receive 1 t-shirt, a bottle of dit da jow (hit bruise juice) and a DVD for each form covered in your work shop. At the end of your work shop you will receive a Certificate of Completion for each form learned. A formal photograph will be taken and a copy provided.

Make no mistake about these workshops, they are long days dedicated to your understanding, training and development. There is also an option of opening a charter school in your area. Please book at least 4 weeks in advance for arrangements to be made. A $500 USD non refundable deposit is required 2 weeks in advance. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@worldvingtsun.com.

*Intensive Workshop Options: (Please factor in the cost of hotel and food)

1 Week Intensive: 1st form, with beginning drills, rolling hands, and chi sao basics. $1250
2 Week Intensive: 1st, & 2nd form with intermediate drills, chi sao. $2250
3 Week Intensive 1st, 2nd, 3rd forms with associated drills, chi sao and chi gerk. $3250
You may also take any individual form as a week intensive.

Wooden Dummy:

Wooden Dummy one week intensive; associated drills and form, including DVD, Dit Da Jow. (It is easier if you make this a two week program (10 days) rather than 5 days)

All intensives are authorized a Certificate of Survival, induction into the Noble Brotherhood of the Dragon Hump, a formal picture, instructional DVD of that form/s, an official t-shirt and other items of interest. No weapon sets are offered at this time, only those Disciples of Sifu Jordan who work their way through the system will receive weapon sets.

* There is no guarantee that you will learn everything that is advertised. Sifu Jordan can only teach as much as you can absorb but he will do his best to teach you everything. DO NOT KID YOURSELF! This is a demanding intensive course and it does not matter what kind of shape you think you are in, you can be a Navy Seal, Green Beret or the world heavy weight boxing champ, its going to put you through your paces. You will become exhausted, you will be brought to your limit however, Sifu Jordan will work with your learning curve and your physical limits and will adjust the program according to your capabilities. He will do his best if you do yours.