News III

11 Dec. 2016Wing Chun MMA fighter Josh Kaldani
Josh Kaldani won his professional MMA fight in a first round knockout utilizing powerful Biu Jee elbow strikes from a mounted position. Josh is a student off our very own, Alan Orr who serves as Director for Europe. A job well done and many more successes to you both. To view the fight click:

​​​​​​​​​08 Dec. 2016 New Member Page
A new member's page has been added for members of the WVTA. The periodical Newsletter will be available as well as articles from featured experts and short instructional vids and of course the infamous "Old file Cabinet!"

​​In order to access this page you must sign up, access point is on the home page in red
Sign Up/ Log In You must be a member of the WVTA in order to access the members page. If you are a member and your name is not on the members page of this site, please send an email to along with proof of membership e.g. Membership Certificate facsimile attached to the email and or your Sifu's name. Your name will be added to the database and access to the members page will be authorized once verified.

23 Nov. 2016 GM John Cheng has passed away!
​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is with deep regret that we inform you of the tragic loss of GM John Cheng (Moy 4)​​. GM Cheng was a senior Disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yat and a close friend of GM Lee Moy Shan. GM Cheng helped GM Lee with his book, "Kung Fu for Young People" both in material content and as a model for the book which was published in 1975. The book was one of the earliest known works on Ving Tsun written in English. We ask that you send your thoughts and prayers to the Cheng family. GM John Cheng will be never be forgotten in the Ving Tsun community, his life will live on in our hearts.


​​​​​​​22 Nov. 2016

The ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ WVTA has joined the Seen.Life web site that is a platform similar to FB, but without the privacy intrusion/s. Check out the site and join. If you are a WVTA executive, member or student of the WVTA Schools or affiliates, you are welcome to join. This is a private group, please click WVTA.

10 Nov. 2016

​01​ Nov. 2016

Master Steven Goericke has been presented the WVTA Gold Achievement Award. Master Goericke is the first to be awarded this recognition. The Gold Achievement Award are for those VT/WC practitioners who have contributed 40 plus years of their life in support and propagation of the VT/WC system. Congratulations Master Goericke, it is well deserved!

​​​​​​​21 October 2016 Grandmaster Lee Moy Shan visits Hong Kong
​​​Accompanying  GM Lee's visit to HK were Sifu Jordans' kung fu brothers; Masters Vingrove Thomas, Steven Goericke, David Robinson, Dr. Steven Faber and Paolo Lampis. They met with the VTAA and discussed GM Lee's Wing Chun Sum Faat. They also traveled to Ip Mans' tomb to pay their respects as well as traveling to Foshan to visit the Ip Man museum. They also had the opportunity of meeting up with class mates Buick Yip and John Kaufman (Sifu Kaufman teaches VT in HK) 



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2016 WVTA HOF Inductee's

World Ving Tsun Hall of Fame announcement:
It is with great pleasure that the WVTA Executive Board​ announces the 2016 12 Annual WVTA HOF  inductee's:

Grandmaster: Siu Yuk Men
Sifu: Eric ​​​ Lilleør

​​​​​​​​​​​​15 Aug 2016
BREAKING: Lee Moy Shan Wing Chun Sam Faat-A Wing Chun Journey To The Heart

​​​​​​​​​​​04 July 2016 
Sifu​ Darrell Jordan, Founder & President of the WVTA, accepted his son John Jordan (Lee Yi Jin 李意金) as his 18th Disciple. John has been involved in Ving Tsun all of his life. He and his older brother used to run around in class when they were able to walk and participated one way or the other with Sigung, uncles and cousins that would come to lecture. John also has a 2nd degree in Chito Ryu and travels throughout Central FL conducting classes for kids at various schools. The WVTAA sends its congratulations to John on being accepted as a Disciple!


​11 JUNE 2016

Sifu Steve Faber MD, NC Representative for the WVTA, accepted 4 Discples in a ceremony with Grandmaster Lee Moy Shan attending, in Elizabeth City, NC. The Bai Si ceremony was held at the Kwoon of Sifu Faber, where GM Lee conducted a Ving Tsun work shop for the school and discussed his up coming documentary to be aired sometime in October on Boston PBS. Not only was GM Lee in attendance for the new Disciples ceremony, a great honor was bestowed on them as GM Lee gave each Disciple a Kung Fu name. The WVTA sends its congratulations to the 4 new members of the Lee Moy Shan family.

​​Timothy Goytowski (Lee Leung Yong 李良勇)
 Michael Seufer (Lee Leung Jet 李良杰)
 Anthony Spivey (Lee Leung Joung 李良忠)
 Adam Hyler (Lee Leung Jian 李良真)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​19 APL 2016

It is that time of year that the WVTA accepts nominations from Sifu world wide for the WVTA Hall of Fame. Please submit your nominations for Grandmaster and Sifu of the Year. It is asked that you supply 3 names for each category and write a short reason as to why you believe they should be inducted into the WVTA HOF. The cut of date for nominations is June 30th. Thank you for participating. 

​​​​​03 March 2016
​GM Victor Kan has started a new program for those that would like an opportunity to train with him for short term. Please click on the link for details.

17 Feb 2016
SiFu Allan Che Kong Lee has passed away in NYC. Sifu Allan Lee was one of the early Sifu who brought Wing Chun to NYC in 1974. This is a tragic loss to the Wing Chun world. The WVTA wishes to express they're sincere condolences to the immediate family of Sifu Lee and to his Wing Chun family.  Please visit the web site for information.

​​​​​​​13 Feb. 2016

Sifu Justin Och appointed South East Regional Director for the WVTA! Please join me in welcoming Sifu Och to the WVTA and accepting the role and responsibilities of Regional Director. Sifu Och Lakeland Wing Chun School is also a registered affiliate school. Sifu Och has over 17 years of experience so you can expect supurb instruction and quality training with Sifu Och and his staff. Please join me in congratulating Sifu Och in his newly appointed position with the WVTAA. ​​

09 Feb. 2016
Grandmaster Lee Moy Shan of the Moy Yat Family has promoted 7 of his Disciples to 9th Degree Black Sash (Duan) on Feb. 1, 2016, they are; Vingrove Thomas, Steven Goericke, David Robinson, Steven Faber M.D. and Paolo Lampis.​ These Disciples have been studying and teaching Ving Tsun for 40 years or more. Congratulations !

​​​​​​​​​​​07 Feb. 2016

The Association has changed its name on this date to the; World Ving Tsun Association.
​If any affiliate School, individuals or Charter Schools are advertising using the old name, please make the change to reflect the new association name. Thank you.

Feb. 01, 2016 
​Sifu Joe Garcia presenting WVTAA Life Membership Certificate to Sifu, Li Fan Zhang of NanQuan style, Altamonte Springs FL. From all of us at the WVTAA, welcome aboard Sifu Li!


Duan Wei rank test to be held in Hong Kong March 4-7 2016
HK WuShu Union and sanctioned by the HK SAR Olympic Committee, is holding rank testing for Duan Wei (Degree) in the Ving Tsun / Wing Chun system. For information please contact Mr. Tony Chan

​​​​2015 WVTAA  HOF Inductee's!
Victor Kan - Grandmaster of the Year
Wayne Belonoha - Sifu of the Year​​

Congratulations to this years inducted Hall of Fame members!

​​​​​​​​Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin Passes away!
The WVTAA extends it condolences to the family​, friends and disciples of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin. It was my honor to have met GM Chu in 2000 and had the privilege of interviewing him in Hong Kong. His wisdom and knowledge of life and Ving Tsun was truly that of a Ving Tsun master. One of the things he said to me regarding Ving Tsun and Life that to this day I recall vividly; "When you have a problem, cut it in half, if you still have a problem, cut it in half again until it is reduced to its simplest equation and then you will find the answer."

​​The passing of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin is truly a monumental loss to Ving Tsun  and the Martial Arts community at large.

1933 - July 28, 2014