Below is a short lineage of the Grandmasters and Masters starting with Grandmaster Yip Man leading to Sifu Darrell Jordan.
Most modern day Sifu can trace their lineage to Yip Man (also spelled as Ip Man). He brought the system from Southern China to Hong Kong, from where it eventually spread to the rest of the world. After completion of the art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu, one is asked by invitation to become a Disciple of one's Sifu. This was an honor not taken lightly as the student must demonstrate absolute loyalty to the family, have complete mastery of the system and be ready to defend the honor of the kung fu family. If it were judged by the senior Disciples of Sifu that a student was of good character and had the required qualities, he would be asked to join the family. It is traditional for the Disciple and Sifu to be photographed together as proof to serve as credentials to the students mastery and acceptance into the lineage family. In taking a formal picture with Sifu the newly accepted Disciple would stand behind Sifu on his right side while Sifu sat in a chair. There were also pictures taken with students who were not Disciples and if the setting was formal, the student would stand on the left side behind Sifu. Yip Man had many disciples, he is widely regarded as the patriarch of the Ving Tsun system. Although he did not enjoy this fame during his lifetime (1893-1972). Towards the end of his life he gained some recognition due to the success of his student Bruce Lee. Our sifu, Darrell Jordan, is a Disciple of Lee Moy Shan. Translated, this means "Mountain". He is our Sigung (Sifus's Sifu). Other actively teaching Disciples of Lee Moy Shan include Vingrove Thomas (NYC), Richie Louie (NY), Steve Goericke (LINY), Paolo Lampis (Italy), David Robinson(NJ) and Dr. Steve Faber (NC). Lee Moy Shan taught in New York City until 1986 at which time he closed his hands. He now lives in China and Queens NY. Lee Moy Shan is a disciple of Moy Yat (1938-2001). At age 24, Moy Yat became the youngest Sifu ever recognized by Yip Man. After the passing of his Sifu, Moy Yat emigrated to the United States, and opened his first American school in New York City. Moy Yat is Sitaigung (Sifu's Sigung) to the students of Sifu Jordan and Sigung to Sifu Jordan.


The list below comprises all disciples of Sifu Darrell Jordan including all active
and inactive as well as a list of authorized instructors. If you have any questions
concerning anyone claiming to be a disciple or teaching within that capacity,
contact the WVTA at

1st Generation

1. Efrain Rivera (Lee Yi Yun) - Inactive
2. Dave Catapano (Lee Yi Kai) - RIP 
3. Gil Rodriguez (Lee Yi Shan) - Inactive
4. Mike Carrasco (Lee Yi Ning) - Inactive
5. Steve Boyd – Inactive
6. Ron Ward – Inactive
7. Joe Garcia (Lee Yi Leung) WVTA Altamonte Springs, FL Head Instructor– Active
8. Brian McDonald (Lee Yi Tao) – Inactive

2nd Generation

8. Stan Miller (Lee Yi Wei) – Inactive
9. Sean Flynn (Lee Yi Min) – Inactive
10. Ruphine Powell (Lee Yi Gong) – RIP                                                                     
11. Rohan Blake (Lee Yi Bao) – Inactive,
12. Scott Haynes (Lee Yi Zung) – WVTA HQ Head Instructor, Active
13. Justyn Rowe (Lee Yi Hsiung) – RIP 
14. Mannie Hernandez – Active

3rd Generation

15. Santos Suarez - (Lee Yi Man) WVTA Deltona Head Instructor - Active
16. John Stewart IV - Inactive
17. Eric Hall - (Lee Yi Bing) - Inactive
18. John Jordan (Lee Yi Jin 李意金) Active
19. Taylor Marlow - Active​

Authorized Instructors

Sifu Joe Garcia - Head Instructor, Apopka Branch, Black Sash 3rd Degree

Sifu Scott Haynes -  Head Instructor, Orlando Branch - Black Sash 2nd Degree

Sifu Gunther Benjamins - Head Instructor - WVTA Charter - Emden, Germany                                                

Rick Tuff - Head Instructor WVTA Charter - VA

Mike Hippard - Head Instructor WVTA Charter - Flagstaff, AZ 

Santos Suarez - Head Instructor - WVTA Branch - Deltona, FL​​

Rehan Malick - Head Instructor - WVTA Charter - Lahore, Pakistan​​

Taylor Marlow - Silver Valley Idaho​

​​​​​THOSE LISTED ABOVE ARE THE ONLY INSTRUCTORS AUTHORIZED TO TEACH VING TSUN KUNG FU  (via the WVTA Charter / Branch school program or Headquarters school.)

If you need any clarification on any person who claims to be teaching under the WVTA, you are encouraged to contact us ASAP.

                   Lee Moy Shan with GM  Moy Yat
               Darrell Jordan with GM Lee Moy Shan
               Moy Yat with Ip Man