Life Membership

If you would like membership in
the WVTA and or to become a state representative or
affiliate school, please click
to download the
application. Fill out the appropriate areas of the form,
print it out and mail it, along with an international
money order in the proper amount. Send email to
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You may also pay by using PayPal. Remember to
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To become a student

The WVTA schools are private institutions and you must be invited to join the school at its new location as there will only be 12 active students at any given time. Everyone, including former students wishing to return, must make a petition. If you are
interested in learning Ving Tsun in your area with a WVTA School, please leave an email at
Membership@WorldVingTsun.comwith the requested information: Your name, phone number, days and time to call, nothing more than that. Please include "Petition" in the subject bar. It may be up to one week or longer before you are contacted, be patient, you will be contacted. If the class is full, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted when an opening occurs.

Intensive Workshops

Sifu Darrell Jordan is offering a rare and unique program for certification of 1st, 2nd, 3rd  Levels & 1st Degree. There are several options to choose from, regardless of which you decide on, the training will be intense with a minimum of 8 hours per day dedicated to learning and training for a 5 day a week training cycle (those who live in Western Washington may have the program spread out over a 2-3 week period). Regardless of which option you choose, you will train privately with Sifu Jordan all day in which you will learn and have refined the form/s and drills associated with the appropriate level in that workshop. 

The Intensive Workshops will cover but are not limited to, form/s, application/s, drill/s, iron palm and conditioning exercises unique to only a few. You will receive 1 t-shirt, a bottle of dit da jow (hit bruise juice) and a DVD for each form covered in your work shop. At the end of your work shop you will receive a Certificate of Completion for each form learned. A formal photograph will be taken and a copy provided.

Make no mistake about these workshops, they are long days dedicated to your understanding, training and development. There is also an option of opening a charter school in your area. Please book at least 4 weeks in advance for arrangements to be made. A $500 USD non refundable deposit is required 2 weeks in advance. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

*Intensive Workshop Options: (Please factor in the cost of hotel and food)

1 Week Intensive: 1st form, with beginning drills, rolling hands, and chi sao basics.
2 Week Intensive: 1st, & 2nd form with intermediate drills, chi sao.
3 Week Intensive 1st, 2nd, 3rd forms with associated drills, chi sao and chi gerk.
You may also take any individual form as a week intensive.

Wooden Dummy: 

Wooden Dummy one week intensive; associated drills and form, including DVD, Dit Da Jow.

All intensives are authorized a Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Membership in the WVTA, a formal picture, instructional DVD of that form/s, an official t-shirt and a bottle of jow for those who successfully complete the program. No weapon sets are offered at this time, only those Disciples of Sifu Jordan who work their way through the system will receive weapon sets.

* There is no guarantee that you will learn everything that is advertised. Sifu Jordan can only teach as much as you can absorb but he will do his best to teach you everything. DO NOT KID YOURSELF! This is a demanding intensive course and it does not matter what kind of shape you think you are in, you can be a Navy Seal, Green Beret or the world heavy weight boxing champ, its going to put you through your paces. You will become exhausted, you will be brought to your limit however, Sifu Jordan will work with your learning curve and your physical limits and will adjust the program according to your capabilities. He will do his best if you do yours.