​​This has been moved to the top since it is believed due to past experiences, regarding people who apply for and take an ITP
course with Sifu Jordan apparently do not read this warning which has, prior to August 2017 been located under the main descriptive content in smaller font, to wit: There is no guarantee that you will learn everything that is advertised. Sifu Jordan can only teach as much as you can absorb but he will do his best to teach you everything. DO NOT KID YOURSELF! This is a demanding intensive course and it does not matter what kind of shape you think you are in, you can be a Navy Seal, Green Beret or the world heavy weight boxing champ, this program will put you through your paces. You will become exhausted, you will be brought to your limit however, Sifu Jordan will work with your learning curve and your physical & mental limits and will adjust the program according to your capabilities in such a way as not to compromise the "Intensity" part of the program . He will do his best if you do yours. However, you may find within a few days that even with your best effort, you know that you are not going to Survive the program. If this is the case, you need to inform Sifu Jordan that you cannot proceed with the training As IS and if it could please be modified to reduce the intensity of the training regimen. The program will be discussed and changes made in order for you to successfully complete the training to its conclusion.  If you signed up for the ITP but needed it modified, you will not be issued the 11X17" Survivors Certificate (See here). This program is for the serious, confident and well adjusted  secure individual. If you have been sitting around for the last couple of years, if you need a safe space, if you are afraid of insects or animals, if you are afraid of the dark and if everything is someone else's fault but your own, this program is probably not for you in which case; Save your money!

Intensive Training Program (ITP)

Sifu Darrell Jordan is offering a rare and unique program for certification of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Levels & 1st Degree. (Certification of levels and 1st degree only applies if taken in numerical order) There are several options to choose from, regardless of which you decide on, the training will be intense with a minimum of 8 hours per day dedicated to learning and training for a 5 day a week training cycle. Regardless of which option you choose (Certified or Not), you will train privately with Sifu Jordan all day in which you will learn and have refined the form/s and drills associated with the appropriate level in that workshop.

The Intensive Workshops will cover but are not limited to, form/s, application/s, drill/s, iron palm and conditioning exercises unique to only a few. There will be one night in the middle of the week in which you will stay over night in a cabin on a mountain and the following day train in nature. 

Make no mistake about these workshops, they are long days dedicated to your understanding, training and development. There is also an option of opening a charter school in your area after successfully completing the level 1 program. Please book at least 4 weeks in advance for arrangements to be made. A $500 USD non refundable deposit is required 2 weeks in advance (Non refundable deposit is because Sifu Jordan will be arranging his schedule and taking off the time you are here. In the event you cancel, this will cover a portion of what he has lost due to the cancellation). If you have any questions feel free to contact us at ITP@worldvingtsun.com.

​​You will receive 1 t-shirt and a DVD for each form covered in your work shop if you sign up for more than one. At the end of your work shop you will receive a Certificate of Survival. A formal photograph will be taken and a copy provided at the end of a successful program along with other swag items.

*Intensive Workshop Options: (Please factor in the cost of hotel and food) As it stands now, there is an opportunity to board at Sifu Jordan's Vacation rental (FREE of CHARGE) providing it is available during the training time frame which is why it is advisable to book 4 weeks in advance so as to black out the date.

1 Week Intensive: 1st form, with beginning drills, up to Don Chi Sao (single sticking hand). $1250 with agreement to open Charter School /// $1750 with no agreement

2 Week Intensive: 1st, & 2nd form with intermediate drills, chi sao basics. $2250 with agreement to open Charter School /// $3500 with no agreement.

3 Week Intensive 1st, 2nd, 3rd forms with associated drills, chi sao and chi gerk basics. $3250 with Agreement to open Charter School /// $5250 with no agreement.

You may also take any individual level as a week intensive in which case the cost is $1750) with no Charter School agreement.

​​Also, if you live in a nearby state, you may
separate the back to back programs with a week or more in between. 

Wooden Dummy (1st degree) two week (10 day) intensive; associated drills and form, including DVD, Dit Da Jow etc. $2500 with Charter School agreement (must have completed the other levels) ///  $3500 with no agreement.


All intensives are authorized a Certificate of Survival, induction into the Noble Brotherhood of the Dragon Hump, a formal picture, instructional DVD of that form/s, an official t-shirt and other items of interest. No weapon sets are offered at this time, only those Disciples of Sifu Jordan who work their way through the system will receive weapon sets.

Non Intensive Training: If you would like to learn the levels in a more gentle fashion with no pressure applied, the program can be modified to accommodate your peculiarities. The training costs are the same however for one week of training and the price is the regular price with no agreement attached for the opening of a Charter School. Sifu Jordan will simply teach you as much Ving Tsun as you can absorb with no pressure on you and it will be at your pace. Please make contact to discuss this, do not sign up for the ITP if this is what you want. 

Finally, Sifu Jordan is prior military with two separate enlistments in the United States Marine Corps, he absolutely does have a military approach to training and instructing. If you are word sensitive, in other words, if words may hurt your feelings, or if a loud voice is threatening to you or makes you cringe, this may not be the program for you.​​ Sifu Jordan will push you during training to bring out the most in you, he is interested in your succeeding in the program but more importantly, he is interested that the Ving Tsun you are learning, will save your life if it should ever be needed. Because of this, he will be demanding and he will push you to your limits so that you may realize your full potential and that you gain personal knowledge and an inner connection of that thing we call Will Power to prevail in the face of danger. For in the street, in reality, there are no second chances. You cannot stay hidden in your safe space forever.  In saying that, you will experience pain which means you will be sore, usually from day one. Every muscle in your body is going to feel it, including your knuckles since you will be hitting targets of interest. Expect this and accept the fact that in order to receive the amount of training in the amount of time it is offered in, you will be required to put forth your best effort and there; Will Be Pain involved as it cannot be helped. So during your time training with Sifu Jordan, apply your Will Power and stay the course and all will be as it should. Remember, it's preferable to go through the pain and sweat in class than the pain and blood in the street and bear in mind, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

*Note: If anything that was said in the above made you feel fear, insecure, nervous or jittery and if any verbiage was found to be offensive: Seriously consider your decision in regards to training in this program.

Please contact us for further information: ITP@WorldVingTsun.com


ITP Operating Dates May 1 - Sept 30
For those of you that are considering this program, it is advisable that you purchase this short DVD which illustrates in part what the training program consists of. if you elect to participate in the program the cost of this DVD will be deducted from the over all fee of the course.