Hall Of Fame
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The WVTA Hall of Fame program was initiated in 2005 2 years after the formation of the (WVTAA now known as the WVTA) as a way to acknowledge a Sifu and Grandmaster for their extraordinary and unselfish contributions to the worldwide Ving Tsun family and to the Chinese Martial Arts in general. The brain child of Sifu Jordan; is to recognize 2 superb people for the year, nominated by the worldwide VT/WC community and voted on by the prestigious WVTA Executive Board. The nominations are tallied and the top 3 nominee's from each category are voted upon. This is strictly for recognition of Ving Tsun GM and Sifu (Spelled in all of its various forms). There are no fee's as a pretext to receiving the award/recognition. This is the only organization that does not charge for induction.  

Also in that year, a Life Time Achievement Award was developed for recognition of any martial artist apart from VT/WC for major contributions made to the martial arts community as a whole and bringing recognition of the martial arts to the general public.

​​In 2016, the WVTA has
instituted 4 other categories of recognition: 1. Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievement award, for VT/WC stylists only. The Diamond Award = 50 or more years contribution, Gold  = 40 or more years, Silver = 30 years and Bronze = 20 years. 

Finally, the Student of the Year award is for any Branch, Charter or Affiliate school as well as any executive member school[s], that would like to ​​participate. This is a voluntary program and again, there are no costs to the recipient or Head Instructor of the school. Send an email to Info@WorldVingTsun.com with Student of the Year in the Subject bar for more info.

Fill the HOF nomination FORM and  email it to: info@worldvingtsun.com​​, please insure to fill in the form in its entirely including your name at the bottom along with who your Sifu is otherwise the form may not be considered. Thank you.

Please download the Word Doc, fill it out and email it to HOF@WorldVingTsun.com for the 2018 14th Annual HOF. Thank you for your participation, it is truly appreciated.​​