Class schedule for 20167/18
The WVTA HQ school is a private institution and you must be invited to join the school at its new location as there will only be 12 active students at any given time. If you are an old student wishing to return you must petition Sifu Jordan. Please send an an email to with the requested information. Please include "Petition" in the subject bar. It may be up to one week or longer before you are contacted, be patient, you will be contacted.

The The school is now private and is no longer available to the general public. Sifu Jordan has decided to make the school a private institution for several reasons. 1. The Economy 2. To better control the quality of Ving Tsun 3. To weed out the loafers and socializers. In this way as Sifu Jordan advances in his years, he can better manage and insure that the student develops properly and appropriately. To join the school, a prospective student must make petition and go through an inteviewing process. If the student is accepted he will be expected to maintain his schedule and his responsibilities regarding training, school attendance, and other agreed upon stipulations. Please send an email for petitioning. The subject bar should indicate "Petition" and in the body of the email you must leave your full name, and phone # with a good time to call you. We require no other information as the subject bar indicates your purpose for contacting us. To make this clear, if an email contains anything more than what we are requesting, you will not be contacted. (The reason for this strictness is that if you cannot follow instructions, you cannot learn Ving Tsun in which case you help us by eliminating yourself from the process) Providing all is well, you will either be contacted by email or phone at which time a date will be set up for your intitial interview. (If you are late or do not show for the interview, do not bother to call us back) If there are 12 students at the time you call or email us, we will indicate so and you will be placed on a waiting list and as an opening occurs, we will contact the next person on the list. 

A students progress is based on the individuals ability to assimilate the lessons into the body. When the student has absorbed each new subject learned, sufficiently, he is introduced to the next subject. What this means is that if a student dedicates himself to the training, he will progress more rapidly. Sifu Darrell believes that if a student is ready to move on then it should be so.

Sifu Darrell stresses endurance training with two man drills. The first three months of the students training, striking ability is focused on to include fists, feet, elbows, and knees. Wooden dummy drills are taught early to enhance the students fighting skills, and to harden the arms in preparation for Combat drills. When the student reaches Chi sao (sticking hands) level, it then becomes the main focus for the student, as this is the nucleus of Ving Tsun. Chi sao training is not only done standing on the floor, but on a platform (3'x5'), floating platforms and while sitting on stools. These different training methods of Chi sao develop certain attributes that are very important to the overall ability of the student.

Also covered are non traditional skills such as boxing, striking skills such as punching and kicking from the ground, as well as take down training to foster in the student a well rounded ability.

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