The World Ving Tsun Athletic Association is a non political organization comprised of an Honorable Chairman, President, a voting Executive Committee and general members as well as Affiliate and Charter schools so as to propagate the Ving Tsun system and to foster camaraderie. It has a home certification learning program for those who truly want to learn Ving Tsun but have no Ving Tsun school in which to do so in their area. It welcomes all independent Ving Tsun Sifu's and students who have no affiliation to any organization.

In 2005, the WVTAA instituted a Hall Of Fame in order to recognize those Grandmasters and Sifu who unselfishly propagate the art of Ving Tsun kung fu.
The classes are taught by qualified Sifu’s (teachers) and assistant instructors and Sihing (older brother) with over all supervision by Sifu Jordan. The atmosphere of the school is one of casualness where learning is based on the student’s ability both mentally and physically. There is no need for the school to have such intense and strict protocol adding to the over all stress of the student. The schools should be a place where the student can relax and enjoy each others company while they learn something new. There is enough stress in today’s world that to add to it is not in the opinion of Sifu Jordan a pleasant or conducive way to transmit the ancient knowledge of Ving Tsun. It is important that a student feels free while at the school, to ask questions when necessary, and to practice as hard or as easy as they want. A student is the best judge of just how hard they can push themselves as only they truly know their capabilities. We'll work with you in other words.

Some people will be sufficiently interested and intrigued to stay with it long enough to take away some of the treasure it has to offer a human being. Ving Tsun is not for every one, this is a recognized fact and quite understandable. There is a high degree of geometry to be understood and applied within the Ving Tsun system. The basic geometric components comprising Ving Tsun are the triangle, square, circle and linear line as well as variations to these. Many of the shapes that an individual makes is according to the proscribed methods which consist of both arms assuming independent shapes while the feet and legs assume a corresponding shape to that of the arms. Shapes will change as the situation changes wherein the feet allow you to change direction, ground or shift as necessary. These are needless to say, difficult concepts to understand and require a unique person to apply geometrical concepts and to know that what they are doing is worth their effort. This is why there is no pressure on the student to learn “faster” or to “try harder”. Either they will get it or they won’t, period.

A students progress is based on the individuals ability to assimilate the lessons into the body. When the student has absorbed each new subject sufficiently, they are introduced to the next lesson. What this means is that if a student dedicates himself to the training, he will progress more rapidly. Sifu Jordan believes that if a student is ready to move on then it should be so.

Certification for each level will result after the student has learned the respective form/s, drills, and exercises. Certification levels are based on the three forms, wooden dummy (Muk Yan Jong), Empty Jong, Pole, and swords. There are 8 certification levels available; Black Sash level 1-3 based on the 3 hand forms. The Black Sash 1st degree test is after completion of the Jong form. Jong Mo Ching is Black 2nd degree, Empty Jong is Black 3rd degree Look Dim Boon Kwan is Black 4th degree and Swords are Black 5th degree. The student will be awarded a certificate (signed and sealed) and testing is personally conducted by the Sifu. Degrees after 5th are based on contributions made to Ving Tsun, length of time in grade and other factors including testing. 1st degree Black Sash will not be awarded to anyone under the age of 18 years old. You need to be of age to sign your own paper work to make degree level certification. 

Sifu Darrell stresses endurance training with two man drills. The first three months of the students training, striking ability is focused on to include fists, feet, elbows, and knees. Wooden dummy drills are taught early to enhance the students fighting skills, and to harden the arms in preparation for Combat drills. Learning proper methods of falling and rolling are also taught in preparation for learning takedown and throwing skills based on the art of Shuai Chiao as taught by Sifu Rocky Byars. When the student reaches chi sao (sticking hands) level, it then becomes the main focus for the student, as this is the nucleus of Ving Tsun. Chi sao training is not only done standing on the floor, but on a stable platform (3'x5'), floating platforms, and while sitting on stools. These different training methods of chi sao develop certain attributes that are very important to the overall ability of the student.

Also covered are non traditional skills like boxing and striking such as punching and kicking from the ground, as well as take down training to foster in the student a well rounded ability. There will be on any given night conditioning training wherein Sifu Darrell will take you through your paces. Sifu Darrell has designed and is knowledgeable of over 400 exercises meant to augment your martial art training. Its not every night that a conditioning class will happen, but when it does you’ll soon learn that you should practice what you learn at home. There are several schools located in Florida and other states.

​​We have been asked about how Ving Tsun would do against a mixed martial art stylists? If you learn a particular martial art, you obviously do it because of the martial art. Today as anyone can see, it’s not the brightest idea to hop in the cage or octagon without being equally experienced in at least three areas; striking, throwing and submission. However, I always say that prior to any of that you must first have a base from which to work. Learn a martial art first, then go into the other areas of work that are required to round out a Martial Warrior. I will also ask if the desire is to compete in mixed martial art matches. If it is not, then why ask the question of comparison? MMA is a specialized field of endeavor, and the chances of having to defend yourself against an opponent with that kind of experience is not very realistic. Just as any other martial artist, the mixed martial art people are sincere and honorable as they should be and dont go out looking for problems unless it comes to them. Ving Tsun has answers to many of the challenges of today regardless of what an opponent knows, it simply depends on your understanding and how much you invest in your own training. Ving Tsun is for personal growth and enjoyment, for building up your chi to help you in old age. It is a means to shed the stress of today in a positive and constructive manner. It is a way to learn something ancient that fits nicely in today’s society and if you find that all of sudden you have to defend yourself, well then in that case, the Ving Tsun will respond automatically to the threat. If you do not intend to work in the cage professionally, there is really no need to join an MMA school just to know how to defend yourself. Lets not forget, the chances of becoming involved in an all out brawl with a person is nil to none. More likely you will be confronted by 2 or 3 or more perps because they generally are weak people and need to work in numbers in order to be successful in their endeavor. So to be rolling around on the ground with a guy that is biting, clawing and gouging at all of your vulnerable areas, is not a good idea when their friends are there kicking and punching you to sleep. Think about that for a minute, today, groups are accosting one individual, there is no such thing as fair, there are no longer any honorable fights where when one gives up, you shake hands and its over with. In todays world, its ruthless and with the politics the way it is, even more so. Only week minded people hanging in groups who attack people for no good reason other than they are wearing a hat with a logo, or a tshirt with something on it that they dont agree with is absolute insanity, so do you want to be rolling around with one when there are more of them? I didnt think so.

You chose a martial art based on many reasons, but mostly because you find that it suits your personality. Do not join a school because you think its the ultimate martial art, or because of peer pressure​​. Truly consider what you are about to get into and then do your due diligence.