6th Annual 2010 Hall Of Fame.
Grandmaster of the Year - Hawkins Cheung
Sifu of the Year - Alan Goldberg
WVTAA Director USA, John Crescione presenting the HOF award to
Alan Goldberg
Hawkins Cheung gets Grandmaster of the 2010 Year Award by Robert Chu

1) How do you feel about this award?

Thank you to the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association for voting me to be the World Ving Tsun "2010 Grand Master of the Year". Thank you for this honor and generosity to receive the Hall Of Fame Award. I feel honored to be recognized for my life's work and contributions to the art.

2) What is the current state of Wing Chun Kuen? How would you improve it?

Wing Chun Kuen is currently experiencing a growth due to the Ip Man movies, and at the same time, experiencing a decline due to MMA.

Wing Chun has a lot to offer to MMA and self defense - its aggressiveness, changing of angles, and close range fighting could be adapted for that environment and be used in the octagon. Wing Chun at that level is concerned more with aggressiveness and offense, but when you're older and grow out of the need for competing, you can concentrate more on Wing Chun's defensive side. Wing Chun can make you smarter, because at any time, you are forced to look at things from different angles. This can apply to your fighting, or your life's problems.

Many people learn WCK initially for its combat attributes, but if you have time, you can enjoy a chess match through Chi Sao. Many look at Chi Sao as just another drill, but is a skill building exercise. It allows you to safely build skill. Even Ip Man used it daily to grow his abilities.

3) What are your plans for the future?

I am just enjoying life daily, and I am enjoying my retired life. I still enjoy to "play chess" (Chi Sao) and enjoy the game for fun, and maintain my health. It engages my mind and I have enjoyment from Wing Chun, and I can continue to build my skill.